Travel Case ISOVOX 2

Sale price3 490 kr

Take your pro studio sound with you, anywhere!

  • Made for ISOVOX® 2
  • Hard Shell design
  • Silent Easy-to-roll Wheels
  • Extension handle
  • Pockets for Mic Pole, Mic Mount, LED-light, Cables
  • Ready for travel

More Info
ISOVOX® 2 Travel Case is specially made to fit the ISOVOX® 2.
With this case, you can bring the Pro-Studio Sound Anywhere in a safe & durable design. Its rigid structure ensures stability and protection. 9 convenient handles are placed on 5 sides to make lifting easier on the train, airport or in your car. If you´re not using it to carry your ISOVOX, it works just as well for your ordinary vacation packaging needs.

This Travel Case is made to fit ISOVOX 2.
Floor stand needs to be carried separately for easier handling and lighter weight of the case.

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