Horizontal Mic Mount

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ISOVOX Horizontal Mic Mount is compatible with SM7B, RE20 and other Podcast, Broadcast, Shotgun & Handheld style mics or similar mounted microphones inside the ISOVOX Vocal Booth.
The Horizontal Mic Mount bracket enables mounting your microphone upright or hanging upside down as well as mounting other products.


  • Compatible with most front address microphones such as SM7B, RE20 and other Broadcast, Shotgun and Handheld style mics
  • Enables Upright or hanging mic positions
  • Optimized dimensions for optimal mic placement
  • Maximum Length of microphone: 240 [mm] = 9.45” [Inch]
  • Made for ISOVOX® Vocal Booth

Type: Accessory for ISOVOX
Material: Stainless steel
Coupler: ⅝” - ⅝” Coupler, for connecting the Extension Pole to the ISOVOX pole
Bracket: Adjustable microphone distance between 0 - 150 [mm] = 0 - 5.9 [Inch]
Screw Adapter 1: ⅝” - ⅜” Fastening the Bracket
Nut: ⅜” Fastening the Bracket together with Screw adapter 1
Screw Adapter 2: ⅜” Fastening and adjusting the Microphone position
Extension Pole: Enables microphones to be mounted upside down / hanging position
Extension Pole dimensions: L150 [mm], ⅝” - Thread on top & bottom
Weight: 206 grams

Bracket, 2x Screw adapter ⅝” to ⅜”, Coupler ⅝” , Distance Pole ⅝”, Nut ⅜”

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